Gaming keyboards are very popular just because of some good reasons. We use Gaming keyboards for work and playing games because they have everything that makes a keyboard more useful. But there is no doubt that the gaming keyboards vary in terms of price and quality; gaming keyboards look like regular keyboards, except they are fast. 

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Most of the gaming keyboards are mechanical, and the keys of the gaming keyboards require less depression. On gaming keyboards, mostly mechanical, the key switches require less depression and result in faster Lottery Heroes. There may be extra keys that are user-configurable for macros.

We will talk about five super things you can do to improve our gaming experience—this article for those guys that are more just kind of into getting a gaming keyboard. You are more kind of tiptoeing into the hobby got our first mechanical keyboard, and you are wondering where I go for customizing. We discuss some gaming keyboard tricks that help play Mega Millions online on PC 


Gaming keyboard tricks and tips:  

  • Ctrl + Alt + Delete

 This is one of the top shortcuts that is highly recommended for gamers. This shortcut is really helpful when you are stuck on the screen, and there is a need to close a program, won’t close, is not visible on your taskbar, and a whole host of other issues.

  • Windows Key + m

Trying to admire your beautiful desktop background, or perhaps you’re lost in those hundreds of opened programs or tabs? Will minimize every program, sending you back to a clean desktop.

  • Shift + forward key 

This Key is also helpful to move faster in the game than the actual speed.  

  • Space

 If any barriers are found in the game by pressing the space key, you can jump from the barriers.  

  • C, X, V command 

We can use the C command to lay down in the game, and we can trick our opponents, and we can use the X command to sit down. 

  • Shift + S 

While we are playing the cricket games on PC, then we have to know some keyboard tricks. We can use the command Shift + S for power-hitting in EA Sports 2007 version, and another’s 

  • Shift+ D 

While we are playing against spinners in the game by pressing Shift+ D Key, we can hit the spinners by moving a player out of the crease. 

  • S + left and down, S+ left up key. 

 These keys are trickier when we are playing cricketing games on PC. The keys    S + left and down, S+ left up key, are used to play a sweep and pull shot. 

  • Alt + F4

When you do not want to play the match, press Alt + F4 can close all the programs on which you are working on  


These popular gaming keyboard shortcuts are exactly what you need to go to the next level of gaming.  If we miss from our list of best keyboard shortcuts? Let’ share what your favorites are.

This article was written by Johnny