Everything You Need to Know About Facebook Viruses

Just like the viruses on your system, Facebook viruses are no less harmful. They can lead to a great loss if not fixed earlier on time. Today, we’ll talk about all the possible Facebook Viruses that can target your Facebook account. Let’s have a look at them below.

Everything You Need to Know About Facebook Viruses

Color Change Virus

This particular virus is largely used by scammers wanting to drive more visitors to their posts or online survey. You can get this virus through a massage from your contact list. It’s a scam message brining you an option to change your network’s background color to black, red, pink or another color. When you click on this link, you’ll send this virus to all of your friends and contacts.

Child Porn Virus

That’s dangerous! It’s available on Facebook and can come to your system through a pornographic video. Just like ‘’Color Change Virus’’, you may get this virus through a message from your contacts, with a phrase ‘watch this video if you’re curious’ or something like this. You should be well aware of this kind of stuff that can easily affect your Facebook account and your contacts as well.

Friend Request Virus

Anyone can easily be trapped using Friend Request Virus and that’s why many scammers prefer this particular virus. It’s a dangerous virus sent from scammers to achieve special purposes, which haven’t been revealed yet. Some experts believe that this virus is used to gain control over computers and similar activities.

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This article was written by Johnny