How to Recognize Scam Facebook Hacking Websites

These websites are easily recognizable, they all use the same way of acting:

Normally they have a form in which they tell you to add the username or Facebook url of the victim, you will see that many of them even show the image of the victim, this is not that they are already hacking the account, it is simply the Facebook API that use it to show the profile image, anyone can do that with a little knowledge. Learn how to hack facebook.

Then start to perform a process of “hacking” totally false, which will keep you for a long time showing code that simulates performing some kind of function but do not really do anything. Learn how to hack facebook via Netspy.


When the process of “hacking” is over and you have been “dumbfounded” with so much confusing code, it is when they tell you that if you want to see the data or know the victim’s password, you have to take a final step, such as conducting a survey, add your email, phone or bank account with the excuse of ensuring that you are not a robot. For this with a simple captcha it can be solved!

If you are so “ready” that you have done the whole process as indicated, you have already fallen into their trap and they will start charging you premium subscriptions and services, that at best, they may even hack your PC or phone and get valuable information such as entering your bank account, make purchases online with your card, use official documents and a long etc, you know that the human being when he has a dirty mind comes up with the most perverse ideas.

Entering a Facebook account is possible but it is not as easy as they show it. You can try Netspy if you actually want. Learn more at

This article was written by Johnny