How to Convert Static Website into WordPress Easily

Having problem knowing how you can convert static website into WordPress? Well, you’re at right place. But before we let you know how it’s done, we would like to talk about static website and CMS based website.

Static website and CMB based website
Static website and CMB based website

Static website requires a lot of complex coding skills. It takes a huge time and effort to develop a static website. While the CMS based website is very easy to develop and doesn’t involve any complex process. Anyone can get with the basics and create their own website without employing any codes.

Steps to convert your static site to WordPress

Steps to convert your static site to WordPress

1 – You need to back up your data before carrying out the converting task. Consider having a backup of your important content and files. You can store your data on a hard disk to avoid any blunder later.

2 – Install WP to your webhosting server to get thing started. all you need is to install the latest verstion of WP to your website cpanel and you’re done.

3 – Choose & install theme. if you think it would take a lot of time installing theme, you’re thinking wrong. It’s a very easy and simple process that anyone even with low tech know-how can comprehend. You don’t need to do much more to customize your theme. You can easily adjust it based on your requirements.

4 – Install some handy plugins to make the most of your WordPress website. There’re heaps of plugins you can pick from.

5 – The last thing is to add your web content and you’re done. Your content should be organized and SEO friendly so that you can get huge traffic.

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This article was written by Johnny